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The Coastal Town Of Javea

Javea is also referred to as Xabia. It is a coastal town located in Alicante Spain. It lies close to the Mediterranean Sea and there is a wide bay behind it and also the two rocky headlands shelter the area. It is a popular area as a market town and seaside resort although it is a bit small. From Javea, the Ibiza Island is only some 90km away. When the days are clear, the island of Ibiza can actually be seen from Javea.

Javea is characterized by lands that are fertile and productive for agricultural practices. The lands stretch inland to various places. The main crops grown here are olive and citrus trees that do quite well in Javea. At the coastline, you will be able to see several capes with the largest being cap de la Nau. There is much to look forward to in the town of Javea.

The highest summit is Montgo and actually shelters the town of Javea. It has the height of 750m+. Most people tend to think that the summit looks like an elephant. The Montgo area is a declared natural park since 1987. It covers quite a wide area in Javea.

Another very fascinating thing about Javea is the climate that it enjoys. Due to the existence of Montgo, harsh winds are kept at bay. The WHO has actually declared the area as a very healthy area in all of Spain. The microclimate in the area is totally amazing and the sun hours recorded in the area are quite many. It has become a very great winter destination for persons such as the Europeans.

At Javea, you will realize that there are many expatriates that live here having bought villas for their retirement. The property industry is also very active. There are many Germans and Britons that are found in the area as well as many other people from different nationalities who have purchased some properties in the area. The population of Javea goes up annually especially during the peak season. Most of the tourist target summer time and the population is noticeably high over this period especially in august.

The infrastructure in Javea has been developing quite steadily over the years. The expansion is very significant and a lot of improvements have been made in the town. Building heights have been restricted so as to maintain the real face of the town by the local government. There are many villas here and plans for more are still underway. You can only expect better things to come from Javea.

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The Club Villamar

Spain is one of the most fascinating places in the world. It has great outdoor life as well as the most incredible nightlife. The weather is very fair and it is very easy to get addicted to the living style of Spaniards. It is for those reasons that club Villamar was founded back in the year 1990. Spain has amazing coastal regions and very rich culture as well as breathtaking natural occurrences. When the founders of club Villamar first visited Spain, they were deeply impressed by the various things that they saw there. There was a lot to look forward to in the country and since it was an easy area to work in, they found it less a challenge than the other areas that they had handled in the past.

The popularity of Spain as a tour destination has been growing year by year. More and more people have been visiting Spain every year and it was during the growth in the tourism sector in Spain that inspired club Villamar to purchase the first property in the form of a villa. This was at the wonderful region of Lloret De Mar. at first, the villa was meant for private use but it was consistently rented out to other holiday makers. Eventually, more people who were friends started to rent out and the friends also started renting and hence there was the formation of club Villamar.

In the present day, club Villamar is very well established and provides the widest selection of villas in locations all over Spain. They handle over 1300 villas all over Spain and they are all carefully selected so as to ensure that they are of the very best quality. They mostly deal with the coastal regions. All the villas that are handled by club Villamar have private swimming pools which makes then even more attractive.

It becomes a very easy task when you opt to select a villa via Clubvillamar as they have been in operation for the longest time. They also have the very best villas at their end. They can be of great assistance when one is planning a holiday in the various areas within Spain.

Clubvillamar makes it even easier for you to surprise your loved ones by selecting the most amazing villa and the most incredible holiday of all time. Clubvillamar offers guarantees on satisfaction and also offers very fair prices which make it the ideal place to search for that villa that you may have always coveted.

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The City Of Denia Alicante

The city of Denia is one of the most amazing cities within the Alicante region in Spain. It is within Costa Blanca and lies between Valencia and Alicante. The population exceeds 44,000 people but changes as the tourists stream in every year. The closest resort area here is that of Javea. Denia is a city that has a lot of evidence that revolves around the habitation of humans in the early days. This is from pre historic days. There are several civilizations that ruled over Denia in the past and all of them left a thing or two in the area.

Denia is a fascinating place to spend a holiday. This is because there are many sights to visit and explore while in the region. There is a castle located on a crag that overlooks the city of Denia. This dates between 11th and 12th century. It is a great place to be since you will be able to see the city as well as the sea quite clearly from this point. It also hosts a museum within called Palau del Governador. It is one of the most amazing places in Denia. The city is also the home of museum etmologic where one can learn more on the culture and history in the region.

It is a very accessible area and there are many places that you can visit from Denia while on holiday thus making the holiday a lot more interesting than ever. There is a ferry that leaves every day for the Balearic Islands and such as Ibiza every day. There is also a terminus of a railway station that bears a meter gauge and very picturesque railway line that runs through the mountains starting from Alicante. It is important that the railway line is not only for tourists but for locals as well. Commuters love using the railway line. It is a railway line that is fully operational all year through.

The culture in Denia is quite deep. The most popular festival is the bonfire held on March. This is basically a festival where statues made out of paper Mache are set up and then burnt at various points of the city. The statues are referred to as Fallas. July sees Bous a la Mar. Here you will see bulls running on the main street then chased into the sea by some who are able to gather courage of entering a bull ring. It is an interesting festival.

Denia sure is an area of great interest and a wonderful area for holiday.

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The Amazing City Of Barcelona

Barcelona is second city in area within Spain. It is Catalonia’s capital and a very important city in Spain in terms of economy and nightlife. What makes Barcelona so popular is the fact that it is located near a beach area since it lies quite close to the coastline. It is also one of the cities that are very highly populated in all of Spain, after Madrid. The Mediterranean coast lies close by and that makes it a place where one can enjoy a city break combined with a beach holiday.

The city of Barcelona was established during the roman civilization. It is a city that holds a lot of value in heritage, history and culture. The city is a very beautiful one for any kind of holiday that you may have in mind. It is for these reasons that Barcelona has become such a popular place for different kinds of tourists from all over the globe. Antoni Gaudi’s pieces of architecture are the most popular in the city of Barcelona as well as the works of Lluis Domenech I Montaner. Some of these architectural works have been named as world heritage sites by the UNESCO. The city has also hosted a few international events such as expositions, conferences, Olympics and sports tournaments.

In the present day, Barcelona stands as one of the most important economic, tourist, cultural and other centers in all of Spain. Indeed there are many people who visit Spain to be able to actually enjoy the shopping experience or enjoy the fashion industry. There are art works that actually contribute to the city as being a global one. It is a very well established economical area and there are lots of commercial activities that you will notice here.

If you decide to have a holiday in Barcelona, you will have made one of the very best decisions in life. It is very important to know about the city especially the history and the surrounding areas. In this way, you will be in a great position to learn more and also appreciate all that the city has to offer. Barcelona is one of the best places for nightlife and if you are a person who enjoys this to a great extent, you will find many clubs that offer the very best nightlife.

The beach areas in Barcelona are very beautiful especially with the city playing as a backdrop. You can very easily spend sometime within the city and then relax at the beach. It is the perfect set up for that perfect holiday.

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The Altea Municipality Alicante

The municipality of Altea is within Alicante province is Spain. It is at the Mediterranean coast lying on the Costa Blanca area. It is a very efficient town that relies mainly on tourism and has been growing as a tourist destination since the 50’s. The weather in the area is great and many people prefer to visit this region due to this. It is one of the most fascinating places to go on holiday and the location is just wonderful.

Altea has labyrinthine streets with very nice beaches where one can enjoy and indulge in various activities while in the region. There are also white washed houses that are the most outstanding in the municipality. The Serra de Bernia bluffs create a microclimate that is quite mild in the area. The seafront pathways have some beautiful palm trees making it a wonderful place to go for walks.

There are many areas of interest in Altea as you will discover while on holiday. There were several civilisations that dominated here in the past such as the moors and Christians. At one point there were fortifications and the walls still cover the area called the old town. This was aimed at protecting the area for several outsiders.

One of the best features of this town is the streets which are crooked and cobbled and narrow. At the streets you can sometimes get a glimpse of the bay area. Other great places of interest are La Mare de Deu Del Consol which is a church. Translated it means our lady of solace. There are some very beautiful white and blue domes at the church that are well tiled by the use of ceramics. Near this church, many quaint restaurants stand in all glamour. From the restaurants, you can see the sea area which is the Mediterranean. If you target this area, parking may be an issue and you should park some distance away since the streets are very narrow or with stairs thus cars are not allowed here.

The main university here is Miguel Hernandez. Altea can also be classified amongst the most beautiful areas on the Costa Blanca Spain. It is easily accessible by AP7 highway. It is a region not too far from Calpe and Benidorm. It is a region that has been able to keep the fishing villages alive thus there is much to look forward to when one comes to the municipality.

If you are to spend a holiday in Altea, never miss out on the villages as they are the most outstanding features in the municipality. One of the most popular is La Nucia.

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